Skin Analysis & Consultation


Every skin treatment at Your Skin Story will start with a consultation and skin analysis which helps to build up a detailed picture of how your skin functions. This helps us to choose the right treatments and ingredients for your skin and advise on home care products, nutrition and wellness.

A formal pre treatment consultation is legally required before your first appointment for wrinkle relaxing injections or dermal fillers to ensure you have all the information about this procedure.

Exploratory phone call (15-20 minutes) - free

If you aren't sure which treatment is suitable for you, I am always happy to answer questions via email or phone for an informal chat free of charge.

Personalised Skin Programme - £149

A completely bespoke skin work up where we delve into all things that contribute to your skin health. Exploring all things that are and have affected your skin and then turning this into a practical programme which you can implement to transform the health of your skin. Suitable for anyone - from wanting to maintain and understand more about your skin to needing to resolve skin issues such as acne or rosacea.
A full skin programme with products and nutrition advice to allow you to make informed choices and improve your skin health.

Pre treatment Consultation for Wrinkle Relaxing Injections - £30 (redeemable against treatment within 3 months)

A consultation to discuss your aims and goals of this procedure together with an assessment of your face shape and features to determine the treatment plan best suited to you. You will be provided with all information including costs and side effects which allows you to consider all aspects prior to booking in this treatment.