Peel Treatments


Alumier MD Treatment Peels: £119

The beauty of these treatments is that they can address many different skin issues in one treatment. They can be customised to your individual needs and even to different areas of your face and neck. Using pure acids of lactic and/or salicylic acid, treatments are applied in a way to most benefit your skin. If you have a T zone that is oily but cheeks that are dry and pigmented, we can place different peels on each of those areas to create the perfect treatment peel just for you. The peel can then be followed with various booster treatments to add nutrients, improve function and further brighten your skin.You will then be given a post care treatment box containing all your skin care for the following 5-7 days to optimise treatment benefits and care for your skin post peel.

Pigmentation and Scarring

Cosmedix Pomegranate Brightening Peel: £89

Improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dullness in this brightening facial treatment. Lighten brown spots and help to even skin tone and improve skin texture and radiance.The advanced facial solution is made with natural moisture factors and enzymes such as papain with AHAs of L-lactic, L-malic and L-tartaric to target different surface levels of the skin. Not suitable for hyper sensitive skin that is also reactive.
A thorough consultation begins this treatment to ensure you are protecting your skin from further damage and pigmentation triggers. A thorough cleanse and enzyme exfoliation clears away surface cells to prepare the skin to receive the peel. Green LED light therapy is used to calm skin and begin the process of treating hyperpigmentation. Once prepped, the peel is applied and in most cases left on as our peels are self neutralising. SPF is applied and home care advice and samples are provided.

Anti-ageing and Rosacea

Cosmedix Benefit Peel: £95

This dynamic infusion offers a gentle yet powerful solution for tackling the root causes of hyper-sensitive skin and Rosacea and improves skin cell function. Made with purified, medical grade Vitamin C (20%) and LG-Retinol (10%). It is safe to use around the eyes and even lightens dark circles that are blue or brown in colour. This peel is as its name suggests and can benefit virtually any skin to improve vitality and maintains results due to its retinol complex.
A skin and wellness consultation begins this treatment, followed by a cleansing and exfoliating routine to prepare the skin for the peel. Once prepped the peel is applied and red LED light therapy is placed over the peel to enhance its effects and to stimulate collagen to heal and repair damage. SPF is applied and home care advice with samples of products to enhance the peel effects are provided.


Cosmedix Purity Peel: £95

This corrective skin treatment is clinically proven to target the five main factors in Acne, increase the rate of healing active lesions and enlarged pores. Instantly revitalise a dull skin, decongest and clarify to reveal an even skin. The naturally sourced ingredients are concentrated and four times more effective, anti-bacterial and calm redness.
A skin consult is essential before any acne treatment to help treat this inflammatory condition from within as well as externally. A deep cleanse using ultrasonic technology to clean pores and enzyme exfoliation begins this treatment. Blue and/or red LED light therapy is used to reduce bacteria and begin healing after which skin is prepped and the peel applied. SPF and home care advice as well as samples are provided to ensure benefits are maintained.

A series of 3 treatments or more is usually recommended for all peels to achieve optimal results