Signature Rejuvenating Facial Infusion: £119

A deeply nourishing and hydrating treatment to improve firmness, texture & tone and minimise fine lines & wrinkles. Address all skin issues with this infusion of Vitamins A and C together with ingredients that reduce inflammation, encourage repair and build collagen. This treatment targets the signs of ageing, to improve skin hydration and texture and leave a radiant complexion.
We begin with a thorough consultation to approach care holistically. Enzyme exfoliation followed by the Osmosis Facial Infusion containing ingredients to improve healthy cell turnover, stimulate collagen and elastin and restore and repair damage. With the aid of the Revitapen which enhances absorption of ingredients without causing inflammation your skin will feel smoother and more radiant. A bespoke mask and red LED light therapy completes this luxurious treatment giving you immediate radiance as well as skin benefits that last weeks beyond your treatment.

Skin Clearing Clarity Facial: £89

Improve skin clarity, reduce acne blemishes, soothe and calm inflammation and reduce breakouts with this targeted facial.
We begin, as always, with a consultation to assess diet and lifestyle to ensure you have all the knowledge and tools to reduce breakouts and heal your skin from within as well as from the outside. A deep cleanse with the aid of ultra sonic technology and enzyme exfoliation will decongest pores, AHAs and BHAs address sticky skin cells and bespoke serums and masks will calm and repair skin. Finally blue and/or red LED light therapy is used depending on the type of acne present to reduce bacteria and help skin to start the renewal process. Advice on home care will ensure your results last so you can relax knowing that you are finally in control of your skin again.

Anti-Redness Sensitive Facial: £89

Reduce redness and inflammation in this soothing facial treatment. Calm sensitised skin and improve resilience so that skin is stronger and broken capillaries and flushing are reduced. This treatment will improve hydration levels as well as stimulating renewal.
After a consultation to determine triggers and help manage them, gentle cleansing and mild enzyme technology helps to clear away surface skin cells. Calming serums to restore, repair and boost immunity are introduced and a calming lymphatic massage helps to remove toxins away. A soothing mask with bespoke added boosters such as aloe and willow herb help to further reduce inflammation and yellow LED light therapy brings your treatment to an end so you can leave feeling as calm and soothed as your skin.

Advanced Bespoke Facial: £89

Treat other skin issues with this targeted facial aimed at addressing your current concerns. Examples include a Brightening Facial for dull, lack-lustre skin or mild pigmentation issues & sun damage; Anti-ageing Facial to address fine lines and wrinkles and improve hydration levels to plump skin and infuse it with healing ingredients to repair damage and improve resilience. A bespoke mask with added power blends bespoke to your issues to brighten, hydrate and repair followed by green LED light therapy for brightening or red to heal and restore.