Product Ethos


A holistic-medical skin and wellness solution which uses clinical ingredients with a non-inflammatory approach and that are free of toxic chemicals, SLS, phthalates, parabens, gluten, artificial colours and fragrances. The ingredients strengthen the immune system, increase skin circulation, improve scar remodelling, repair DNA, replenish growth factors, restore anti oxidant levels and activate collagen. They are not tested on animals.

The revitapen works on the same principles as microneedling to produce micro channels in the skin to increase and enhance the absorption of products below the skin's surface. It does not, however, contan any needles so is a very low inflammatory treatment and excellent if you are not quite ready for microneedling! It works well with the Osmosis retinol facial Infusion treatment and with virtually any treatment serum or mask to enhance its effects as an add-on treatment.


This brand uses ingredients which are:
1) Chirally correct - which means they are the right size and shape for our skin cells and work with our skin rather than producing irritation. A product such as lactic acid or ascorbic acid (vitamin C) which are both excellent for the skin can come in many different molecular shapes and forms - use the wrong shape or form of molecule and you can irritate the skin instead of improve it. Through scientific research, Cosmedix ensure the right shaped molecule is used within their products.

2) Botanical based. Cosmedix use the best of science and nature and with many beautiful natural ingredients packed into their products they are a genuine pleasure to use. They are a 'clean' cosmeceutical brand free of harmful ingredients. 62% of current skincare products still uses parabens, 79% use PEGs, 40% use SLS and 70% use synthetic fragrance. You will never find any of these in Cosmedix or any of the products I use.

3) Provide better exfoliation - a lot of peels use glycolic acid to provide an exfoliation to the skin which gives the term 'peel but this can cause inflammation and scarring. Cosmedix do not use glycolic acid. Instead they use gentle but powerful acids to deliver excellent results without damage to the skin. These acids are other AHAs, BHAs, protease enzymes and retinoids.


This Korean skincare brand also uses science and natural botanicals to produce outstanding products. Korean skincare has boomed in the last few years and are always at the cutting edge of skin research and innovation. They produce excellent serums used in microneedling treatments which are chosen according to your needs.

Dermafix microneedling pen - Microneedling can be performed with a dermaroller or an automated pen device. I generally use a pen as you have better control and can alter the needle length depending on the facial area you are treating. The Dermafix pen allows for varying speeds as well as depths and minimises discomfort.

LED light therapy uses wavelengths of coloured light to produce red, blue, green and yellow light to treat various skin conditions such as ageing, acne, pigmentation and rosacea.

Alumier MD

Alumier MD uses 'clean science' to produce results-orientated skin care products that target the underlying physiology related to each skin type, condition and person. It is customised to meet each individual's needs for optimal results.

With over 100 years of combined skin care experience, PhD biochemists, physicians and skin care experts have created science-backed products in luxurious formulations that deliver exceptional results.

They are free from parabens, phthalates, sulphates, petroleum, artificial fragrances and dyes.
They are not tested on animals and produced in Recyclable Packaging